A minimum Refundable Security Deposit of $50 must be paid before the rental period begins. 

The above described property of JVC Rentals, LLC (“Owner”) is hereby rented to the undersigned (“Lessee”) who agrees to pay in advance and without demand (No Refunds), for the use of said property during the Initial Rental Period for any extension thereof, the total rental charge specified above (plus rate-able additions of rental for any extension period or periods).

Lessee hereby assumes the responsibility to pay Owner for any and all damage (including total loss) to said property during the time Lessee has possession of the property pursuant to the terms of this lease or any extension thereof resulting from any cause whatsoever, including but not limited to, abuse, misuse, loss, unexplained disappearance, fire, theft, or act of God, whether or not such damage or loss could have been avoided by proper diligence or care on the part of Lessee.

Lessee’s responsibility for such property shall continue until it is delivered to Owner by Lessee or is picked up by Owner.

Lessee further agrees to return the above-described articles to Owner on or before the agreed expiration date written above or upon demand by Owner, and Lessee agrees that a written notice mailed to the address given above demanding return of the property shall constitute due responsible and full notice by Owner if the property is to be picked up by Owner after the expiration of the lease term, Lessee shall cooperate with Owner with the scheduling of such pick up and shall safeguard the property until picked up by Owner.